Client FAQs

About Greystone

What makes Greystone different to other recruitment agencies?

We know that every recruiter says they’re different to other recruiters. We’re as frustrated with it as you are. But we take a radically different approach – our model is fundamentally unique.

The cost of a bad hire in recruitment is £124,224. In Building Services, 47% of hires leave within two years. Agencies should do better.  Put your top five agencies to the test, ask them to provide references on the next CV they send you – or to send only  the one right person, not a stack of uninspired CVs.

We put our reputation on the line with every CV we send. We do more, go further, and deliver the very best, time and time again.

Why are your fees high?

The recruitment industry has been focused on percentages for too long. Agencies are quick to talk about their fees, but less transparent on exactly what value they can give you.
At Greystone, we build value into how we work from the very beginning. We spend more time getting to know the top 10% of talent. We align their aims, ambitions and skills with your culture. We source the entire market and select only the finest talent. So we can bring you the best fit without wasting your time. It’s a level of value that the recruitment industry has been missing for too long.


How do you identify who is in the top 10%?

For us, identifying the top 10% is a human decision. We have a clear, objective process for assessing every potential member, but ultimately it’s the specialist experience of our team that makes the difference.

In general, our selection process includes:

  • Multiple interviews with a specialist recruitment consultant
  • Industry references taken early in the process
  • An academic review to find a degree, masters, and 1st class achievement
  • A CV assessment – we’re looking for long term employments and  no gaps without detailed reasoning
  • Understanding why a member is looking for a new role (and ensuring this isn’t purely financial)
  • Looking for proven value a member has added in previous roles, such as project wins
  • Excellent communication skills

Will I get the same old CVs?

Every Greystone member has given us exclusivity. These are people you can’t access anywhere else. While your own talent teams and personal networks are great resources, we complement this strategy with something distinct: the top 10% of candidates and the expertise it takes to find the right fit for your company.

The Process

What are your rebate terms?

If we don’t believe in a member, we wouldn’t have put them in front of you. If you’re unhappy, we’ll return your money for 3 months. So far, we’ve never had to.

What if we’re not in the market?

Whatever your current hiring strategy looks like, it pays to know who the best people in your industry are. That’s true whether you’re considering specific roles or not.
In fact, the quality of our members is so high that many of our clients don’t want to let them pass by. 73% of the roles we place members into were created specifically for them.