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About Greystone

What makes Greystone different to other recruitment agencies?

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we don’t work vacancies. We’re not motivated to fill a specific need, so we’ll never try to sell you on a role that doesn’t fit.

Instead, we start with you – we get to know what you’re looking for, create a bespoke brief, and make sure the ideal companies are aware of you. In many cases, they create new roles for our members.

About Us

What clients do you deal with?

We deal with every Building Services company in the UK, but we aren’t tied to any clients or fulfilment rates. We’re motivated to find the right role for you, tapping our comprehensive portfolio and contacts.

What industries do you cover?

Our specialism is the Building Services industry. We supply mechanical, electrical, sustainability, energy, building physics and all specialists disciplines to consultancies, contractors, development, real estate consultancies and end-users.

Our Sectors

What locations do you cover?

Our network provides 100% coverage, right across the UK.

Your Journey

How much should I be getting paid at my level?

Every year, our expert consultants produce a salary guide that’s published by CIBSE. With an exclusive focus on the Building Serviced industry, it’s an effective way to benchmark your earnings based on experience and location.

Salary Guide

How will you find the right role for me?

We’ll start by getting to know you personally and professionally – the more we understand you, the better. Over time, we’ll learn the kind of company you want to work for, the sectors you most enjoy, your career aspirations and more.

Once we understand your specific criteria, we’ll rigorously assess companies and roles to find your perfect fit. When we find it, we’ll use our contacts and connections to make sure you get an opportunity to meet them.

I’m not looking, but can you tell me if you find a great job?

We can’t. If you’re happy and satisfied in your current role, we don’t think anyone should be trying to turn your head or sell you on something new.
We would encourage you to be proactive, not reactive. If your current role isn’t giving you what you need, we’ll work with you to help you understand your ambitions and make more informed career decisions. As a result, you’ll be able to consider the strengths of a range of roles and make the right choice for you. That’s just not possible if you’re only focusing on a single role.

I’m not looking for a new job, but can I still be a member?

Absolutely. At Greystone, we work with the top 10% of candidates throughout their careers. It’s an ongoing partnership, not a single role. Our network is highly passive and becoming a member will also give you access to useful resources like salary benchmarking, network opportunities, best practice sharing and more.

Why can’t I use another agency at the same time?

Using multiple agencies makes sense for the traditional model of recruitment. In the absence of a rigorous, holistic approach, it paid to have more people working on your behalf.

However, Greystone is founded on the idea of complete, comprehensive coverage. We work tirelessly to find every suitable company and bring you to their attention. A scattershot approach where your CV lands on the same desk multiple times is unprofessional and – worse – ineffective.

How long does it take?

Your journey starts with deep discussions about your career, your ambitions, and your aims. Initially, that means conversations with your dedicated consultant, each taking an hour or two.

Once we’ve identified all the criteria that you’re looking for, we’ll prepare a bespoke list of companies that we feel match your brief. Once you’ve signed these off, we’ll spend a week or two leveraging our network to bring you to their attention.

Crucially, we’ll continue working to find or create the right role on your behalf. 73% of the roles we find are created specifically for our members – a process that takes time but guarantees a closer fit and more lasting next stage in your career.


Do I have to pay to become a member?

No. We’re fiercely selective of who we represent and have complete confidence in our ability to find dream jobs. Our investment of time and resource will be repaid when we place you in that role. All we ask is that you let us become your trusted partners along that journey.

How do I get access to brand partners?

Once you’ve been placed in a permanent or contract role, you’ll get access to a world of premium brand partners. From discounts to guest list access, from boutique hotels to travel, it’s a complete VIP experience as our way of rewarding our members.

How do I become a member?

If you’re at the top of your game, we’d love to hear from you.
Some of our members are Director-level leaders with 30 years’ experience. Others are graduates with a single year under their belts. What they have in common is quality, focus, and ambition.
As a member, you’ll get complementary membership and a constant source of advice, guidance and sensible career conversations – as well as the opportunity to network with other leaders at our events.

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