Success Stories

Annie Marston


Annie is a vastly experienced Building Physics & Sustainability professional, with over 15 years’ in the industry. She holds a PhD which led to a wind turbine patent being filed, alongside an MSc and LEED AP accreditation.

Previously Annie had spent 8 years in the USA, where the market was very detailed and fast paced. Heading up the Building Performance Group she gained great knowledge and skills working outside of the UK.

On returning to the UK, she had a successful 18-month period freelancing and getting up to speed with the local market again before joining a large MEP + S Consultancy to head up their energy side in London.

Annie had no hesitation in working with us exclusively in the market, understanding our bespoke search model and that she would have our full attention and Greystone Member treatment.


When Annie and Greystone spoke, there were a couple of key factors for her next move that would need to align:

  • South West based
  • Dynamic, forward thinking Sustainability business
  • The chance to really impact the industry in her next position
  • Progression in her career

Annie wanted to make sure her next move was long term. There was no rush on the process, it was vital the opportunity was right. We created and agreed a client list for us to pro-actively contact and show her value to.

Our journey took around 6 weeks, from agreeing the route in the market to offer and acceptance. It was well worth the patience, assisting Annie in finding a role where she can create a new business stream and where her value is truly recognised. Annie will be instrumental in pushing forward the Building Performance capability of her new business.

Of course, Annie’s clarity and vision for her next role from the start, allowed us to work to the same goal and be aligned throughout.

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