Success Stories

Chadik Miah


Chadik is an exceptional Security Engineer, after a hugely successful 8 years with a large organisation, he wanted to aspire to bigger and better. Unfortunately that had led to a couple of moves that just didn’t work out.

Whenever a CV details a couple of short terms stints it is human nature to ask questions, in this case unfairly. Chadik was and is, highly regarded by his peers and the references we took backed this up, describing him as an extremely hard worker, technically brilliant and someone with great potential to climb the ranks given the opportunity.

When reviewing Chadik’s career to date it was evident moving from a technical role, part of a larger team within a corporate business to an SME to start up a security capability from scratch was a big jump and without the proper support, too big a jump. With a young family requiring his time, Chadik desperately wanted stability but not to give up on his dreams of progression. With security being such a specialist field this was no easy search but as always when we commit to a member we commit to getting the job done.


After many hours in discussion, Chadik and the team agreed on a brief that included:

  • A consulting organisation in and around the London area
  • An existing but not fully developed security capability where he could learn from a mentor
  • Work with a mentor that believed in Chadik and his capabilities
  • The opportunity to be client facing and involved with business development to bring in workload
  • An opportunity to build a team around him and learn management techniques in a safe environment
  • An opportunity to progress and achieve future promotions

Our search captured 21 different companies providing Chadik a complete snap shot of what the market could offer him. Through discussion, together, we narrowed this number down to 3 companies that Chadik had always wanted to work with at some point in his career. The problem was none of these companies were in the market at that point, but that’s why Chadik came to us in the first place. We leveraged our network and spoke to all 3 companies, explained who Chadik was, his skill set and why we believed that business was the right fit for him. Each company were in complete agreement, and interviews were put in the diary. The interviews were all very positive however it was clear that Chadik was sure he had met his future employer, Cundall.


Cundall are a very well established business across the UK and in a variety of locations around the world with circa 1000 employees. They are best known for their structural and MEP engineering teams however they had successfully grown a number of specialist functions such as acoustics, sustainability, vertical transportation. Having recently recruited a lead figure for their new security business they needed a No2 to work in tandem with the Director and Chadik was a perfect fit.

Chadik’s move to Cundall has been a resounding success for both Chadik and the company. In this time the security capability has grown from 2 to 20 heads, they operate out of the UK, Singapore & Australia, turnover has grown by 300% and Chadik and Darren have as a team brought on many new clients successfully. Chadik has achieved his aim of stability and promotion, he also now has a hard working team around him he is incredibly proud of and enjoys mentoring.


“Phil and Greystone are a breath of fresh air in the recruitment world. The unique membership model drives a great candidate experience which is professional, controlled and thorough. You will have a genuine expert in your market, industry or specialism in your corner helping you make the right career move. To any candidates out there thinking it is time to make a move I would thoroughly recommend utilising these guys to help you on that journey.”

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