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Alex Hardcastle


Our relationship with Alex started in December of 2017. It was clear from our very first conversation that although operating at Intermediate level, Alex demonstrated huge potential and had all of the markings to suggest he was a future superstar of our industry. Alex optimises exactly the right ‘quality’ of individual we look to welcome into the Greystone club.  When we got introduced to Alex he was very happy with his current employer, in fact it was over a year later that he decided the time was right for him to make a move. This was a decision he had been wrestling with for some time due to his loyalty, his current employers having invested allot of time into him, and having been there since the beginning of his career had made many friends during those 5 years. However Alex was all too aware that his experience was limited to High End Residential projects and felt that in order to develop as an engineer and continue to progress his career he needed exposure to a variety of sectors and a more diverse portfolio of projects. With his options limited on the south coast and enticed by the excitement of the challenge Alex felt that a move to London was the best place to take his career to the next level.

Since his first encounter with Greystone over a year prior, the model had stood out to him, now he was ready to commit to making the next move in his career, to Alex there was only one agent he was going to trust in helping him on this hugely important journey.


In our experience, the higher calibre the engineer, the most precise they are in their decision making progress about what they want in their next role. In Alex’s case this was certainly true, he had clearly thought about this in detail and it was not a decision he had made lightly, he had clear reasoning and rationale, and he knew he would have to step out of his comfort zone to achieve his aims. After some discussion we quickly settled on a brief that included:

  • A geographical move to London but still commutable from Southampton in the short term before relocating
  • To work for a larger company that can access a wider range of projects of a larger scale
  • To progress his career to Senior Engineer status and beyond
  • To invest in his training and professional qualifications

The Greystone model was perfect for Alex with this being such a big move for him he needed confidence of our aim to set him up for success rather than just finding an vacancy for a quick buck. We took the time to give Alex a complete overview of the market and construct a list of 26 target companies easily commutable from Southampton and systematically contacted over 75 contacts with these companies by phone to talk about Alex and give them an overview of his capabilities and his desire to move. We shortlisted 4 companies for interview. It is worth noting that 3 of these companies were not actively looking to recruit but simply reacted to the pending availability of a great candidate, proving once again our belief that without a proactive search a typical candidate will miss 73% of the true opportunity available to them.


The interviews were a massive success with all four making credible offers! Due to the Greystone process Alex was now in a great position and with multiple offers would be sure to secure the best offer he could get.

Alex weighed up his options and agreed after a swift an successful negotiation to join HDR | HurleyPalmerFlatt they are one of the premier building services companies in the city based near Waterloo who boast high profile clients across the city and work on projects of high stature. Joining in the first week of January 2019, in a year and a half Alex has now progressed to Senior Engineer level and achieved IEng status, he has worked on a premier London based project in The Leadenhall Building. Alex has been described as an excellent engineer who has a bright future and is setting a new standard for others around him at his level. Alex is looking forward to many more years of growth in his career afforded by this successful move and hopes like all placements to be a Greystone client in the future!


“Had a great experience with Phil, took into account all my comments resulting in a move which benefited my career.”

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