Success Stories

Chris Hunt


It is well known that the contract engineering market is driven by very different forces to the permanent market and has a bad reputation for poor quality output. As with any industry there is a top 10% bracket that truly are exceptional at what they do and add massive value even through a contract payment model.

Chris Hunt is one such example.

You could confuse him for being a permanent candidate by looking at his CV. Chris has now been in the market for 30 years and has worked for contractors and consultancies as well as run his own private workload. Chris made the decision to become a contractor in 2006 and has never looked back and has only had 4 different contract roles in that time.   

Having completed his latest contract we contacted Chris to see if we could help him secure his next role. Unfortunately Chris had already been contacted by a couple of other agents who had spoken to a single company where they had a known vacancy. We explained our unique model to Chris and how he would benefit from a bespoke search designed by us for him to achieve success and without hesitation Chris made the decision to work with us exclusively.


The key factors to Chris were:

  • A quick turnaround
  • Longevity of contract
  • Company Culture and attitude to using contractors
  • Location – Suitable commute from West Sussex
  • Rate of pay

In the contract market speed of service is vital especially when the contractor has finished their assignment and needs to get the next one secured. This was our main focus. Our specialist contract team sprung in to action, immediately utilising our top consultant to focus on the search. Over 5 working days we consulted with over 40 contacts and 17 companies, conducted 3 interviews and had an agreed start date.  

Chris joined a fast paced business based in South London with a loyal client base and has now been there 2 years and counting! Another successful stint on the CV with an employer that values its contractor workforce as much as its permanent team. Chris has been a lead figure on the mechanical side of the business since joining and has been instrumental in enabling the team to hit tough delivery targets and is likely to remain a part of the team for many years to come.

I was quite particular about my requirements, indeed they changed through a period of about a year as I investigated my career move and Simon listened to these, adapted and ultimately brought to me the exact role I was looking for. Cant really ask for much more.

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