Success Stories

Mark Rumsey


Mark is the perfect example of a highly desirable Greystone member. An excellent career background, long tenure in each company he has worked for, and a clear path of self-development leading to him climbing the ladder of success in the industry.

After keeping in touch throughout his career, Mark reached out to Greystone directly to discuss new opportunities. Having never used an agency before, it was important that our approach was thorough and specific when explaining our model in order to provide him a full understanding of how we will represent him in the industry, versus the traditional recruitment “vacancy led” service he could have been guilty of expecting, having never worked with a recruiter before. Mark had previously secured roles via his contacts in the industry however on this occasion he understood how we can open doors far beyond the reach of his own contacts and that at such a critical point in his career he needed to explore all of his options.


In a new role, Mark was looking to achieve the following;

  • Small to medium sized outfit
  • Business development and client-facing role
  • More input and direction of how to deliver work and manage the business
  • Close to home, minimising travel and improving work/life balance

After meeting Mark face to face we got to know each other better, this understanding gave us the insight needed to compile a portfolio of businesses that we felt perfectly matched his requirements, which would provide Mark the progression opportunities he was seeking as he continued to grow in the industry. We executed the brief timely, yet effectively, and within the first few days secured Mark 4 interviews. One of these clients were active in the market, and the role was already an organic fit for his skill set. The other 3 interviews were with clients who were not advertising at all, but were very interested in his profile and the potential value Mark could offer their organisation. We sat down with Mark and outlined these 4 businesses, bringing them to life for him, ensuring he knew them inside out before meeting them, size, projects, culture, workload, how they believed they could shape a role for Mark within their organisation, making sure it catered for his medium and long term career aspirations. Agreeing these were all great opportunities, at Marks request we scheduled meetings with all companies so both parties could meet and explore further. Mark very quickly got a good idea of the businesses he was most interested in progressing to the second stage, and ultimately concluded his search with 2 very attractive offers on the table. Having ensured Mark had access to the whole market, not just tip of the iceberg jobs, it allowed him to evaluate and make a decision on where to continue building his career.


Mark joined Flatt Consulting, one of the UK’s leading Building Services Consulting Engineering companies in providing sustainable, multi-disciplined design. Mark’s role was created and shaped specifically around him, this provided him the focus he desired, in building and developing a strong London presence for the business. Now 18 months on, Mark is thriving in his role, bringing on new clients and steadily growing his team. Experienced, conscientious and dedicated, he is an engineer with a proven 20-year career in technical delivery, team leadership and client liaison throughout a range of sectors, so was always going to bring a huge value add to the business.

Diligent and welcoming from the outset, Greystone not only provided the support and guidance for someone who had never been on the market before, but also took time to understand my aspirations, both personally and professionally. Now happily employed in my new role, I am grateful to Greystone for all the support and encouragement I received and I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone who is seeking help in continuing their own career path.

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