The Greystone Model.

People before everything.

Our entire model is built around starting with the best people, not whatever job’s are available right now.

With a selective approach and a rigorous vetting process, we only work with members that we feel are in the top 10% of their industry.

Fundamentally, it’s a human decision. Our expert consultants take the time to understand a potential member on every level. In part, that means a thorough check of employment history, academic excellence and industry references. But more importantly, through multiple stages of interviews, we get to know where members are coming from, what they’re really looking for, and how they can ultimately add measurable value.

No algorithm. No automation. Just a human decision, based on experience, that truly accounts for every strength, capability and ambition.


We work with the top 10% of candidates throughout their careers.


Our network provides 100% coverage, right across the UK.

The kind of talent you’re excited to meet.

Everything we do starts with our members. Our dedicated, expert consultants get to know them on an intimate level, not just their short-term aims but their ambitions, aspirations and wider lives.

When they are exploring new opportunities, we’ll prepare a bespoke brief and leverage our network to find a short list of potential matches. It’s only then that we’ll bring the member to your attention and get you in a room together.

As a result, you get access to the kind of talent that truly influences your organisation. That’s why 73% of the placements we make are with clients who love talent and created the right role for our member.

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