About Us.

Reimagining how great people meet great companies.

People are more than a pile of CVs. They’re indispensable members of a team. Valued additions to your projects.
The right people impress clients, inspire colleagues and deliver value comfortably, capably and consistently.

It’s no surprise that the pile it high, sell it cheap approach to recruitment isn’t working.

Greystone was founded to be different:
to redefine and reimagine the way people with incredible talent meet
the companies they’ll spend a lifetime with.


We work with the top 10% of candidates throughout their careers.


Of the roles we place members into were created specifically for them.


Our network provides 100% coverage, right across the UK.

We’re interested in people, not positions.

Our uncompromising approach means we find the top 10% of engineers, those people who become driving forces inside a business.

As engaged, trusted partners with a real investment in their success, we help people find roles that are rewarding both professionally and personally.

We open doors to the kind of job that gets you out of bed in the morning. And we give great businesses the kind of talent that drives results, profitability and growth.


It’s bigger than a job spec.

Forget education and employment. At this level, they’re a given. What we really care about is the bigger picture – where you are in your career, where you want to be, and how we can make it happen.

Our investment in people is there in everything we do. We get to know our members, not just as talent but as human beings. We make it our business to understand our clients, not just when it’s a great fit but also when it’s not. And we take a diligent, discerning approach to every placement, considering culture, values and shared ambitions as much as pay and benefits.

It’s a long-term way of building relationships that’s better for our members and better for the people who employ them: a win-win on every front.

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