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We believe recruitment is broken.

This inspired us to set up Greystone Engineering in 2016 with the ambition of doing things differently. Greystone reimagines the process of bringing people and companies together.

We focus on the individual, understand the direction they want their career to go in and carry out a bespoke search to identify the opportunity that fulfils their aims.

We engage with people as members, not candidates. It’s an important distinction you must remember. Membership means personal attention, exclusivity, perks, doors opened for you and valuable peer-to-peer relationships. It reinforces our position of only working with the best professionals.

We are a 100% results driven culture where you are given all the tools needed for success but without the micromanagement. We don’t have a single KPI across our entire sales floor, which is unheard of in the recruitment industry. Our employees are hired for their ability, therefore trusted that they will do the right things needed to succeed. Have you ever played a sport and raised your game because you were playing someone better? This is the environment we have created at Greystone. KPI’s don’t inspire people; learning from and watching your colleagues do something amazing is inspiring and this is the progressive culture we love.

No ‘9-5’, we work with integrity. You can work anytime, anywhere, anyhow and are given full responsibility on how you structure your working day. If you want to go to your favourite spin class after breakfast, pick the kids up from school, or get a round of golf in if the weather looks great, then you have the complete freedom to do so. Work and life need to dovetail together seamlessly and at Greystone, we recognise our staff are human so ensure their careers fit in with the things in life they enjoy.

At Greystone it’s encouraged. We want you to be successful in every part of your life.


Working for Greystone is not just another recruitment job; it’s an entire lifestyle that will shape your life for the better.

Development and progression are vital to achieving your career goals. At Greystone you have 24/7 access to our experienced recruitment leaders and colleagues in the industry; plus a mentoring and development programme to ensure you can be recognised as the No.1 recruiter in your field of expertise. Our leaders are proven industry award winners and will coach you right the way to the top.

If you love to challenge yourself, then there is no better place for you than at Greystone. Our permanent consultants have access to the best-in-industry commission scheme and our contract consultants take home 30% of what they bring in.

Our staff are provided with the best ‘money can buy’ of everything you will need to set you up for success. A £5000 home working set up from motorised desks, to X1 Carbon laptops, to Herman Miller chairs. Feel good, do good. And we are fully committed to make sure you will want for nothing.

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